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Public prohibitted from entry to Tribhuvan Int’l Airport

Kathmandu Airport

KATHMANDU: The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) authority has issued a notice restricting entry of the public inside the airport premises.

Considering the increasing COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu, TIA management issued the notice asking the public not to enter the airport premises with the one who is travelling abroad.

Similarly, people going to airports to receive their relatives have also been barred from entering the airport.

As per the TIA notice, the restriction has been imposed in a bid to address growing crowd within the airport premises amidst increasing COVID-19 cases in the Kathmandu Valley.

Except for passengers, others will not be allowed to go inside the airport. However, if the passengers are senior citizens and are differently-abled, they can take one supporter with them inside the airport premises. People entering the airport should use face mask and hand-sanitizer mandatorily.

The TIA management has also directed security forces not to allow anyone to enter the airport without any solid reasons. Such rule is applicable for both international and domestic passengers.

International flights have resumed from September 1 while domestic flights resumed from September 21.


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