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IRD opens global tender to print excise duty stickers for alcohol products

KATHMANDU: The government has opened a global tender seeking bids to print the excise duty stickers that are affixed on alcohol products.

Since the stock of stickers that the government has is about to finish, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) issued a notice on Wednesday asking interested companies to apply within 45 days.

The department has invited bids as per the Public Procurement Act 2020. Any company that is interested in applying for the global tender has been requested to deposit Rs 47 million ($400,000).

For this purpose the interested company can keep a bank guarantee from any commercial bank in Nepal. The deposit will be refunded after deducting a sum of Rs 20,000 ($180) if the company fails to win the contract, as per the department.

The interested company will have to deposit the said amount in IRD’s account maintained at Rastriya Banijya Bank.

The company will also have to submit the documents along with the work experience proof related to safe printing as per the criteria of the department.

Meanwhile, based on a study conducted by the department on the country’s private sector, no Nepali company is likely to participate in the bidding process.

The department had studied 36 private sector printing houses to include Nepali companies in the bidding process.

According to the department, the study showed that none of the companies are technically sound to qualify in the bidding process. Meanwhile it will be difficult for Nepali companies to participate in the process due to the mandatory criteria for the interested company to have experience of safe printing.

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