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Chandragiri Hills Limited issuing 3,06,819 units of IPO today

KATHMANDU: Chandragiri Hills Limited is issuing its 3,06,819 units initial public offering (IPO) shares worth Rs 184 million to the project-affected locals of Chandragiri Nagarpalika, Kathmandu and Thaha Nagarpalika, Makwanpur District today.

Global IME Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for the proposed IPO issuance. The IPO will remain open for next two weeks. If unsubscribed, the company will further extend the period by another two weeks.

Out of the total proposed IPO shares, 3,06,819 units, 2% of the total paid-up capital and 10% of the total paid-up capital will be issued to the project affected local people and for the general public respectively.

Remaining 88% of shares are held with the major promoters of the company.


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