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5G frequency in low, medium and high bands

KATHMANDU: The National Frequency Management Forum under the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has identified necessary frequency for 5G internet service.

The forum’s meeting on Friday concluded that frequency for 5G can be given in low, medium and high bandwidths adopting technology neutrality. The forum has placed the 700MHz, 900MHz, 2300MHz and 2600 MHz bands under the lower bandwidth while 3300Mhz, 3400Mhz, 3600MHz and 4700 MHz bands have been recognized as medium bandwidth.

Similarly, 26 GHz bandwidth is categorized as high bandwidth. As per the forum, frequency for 5G can be given across all these bandwidth. The forum has also suggested that service providers can be given frequency under low bandwidth up to 20Mhz, up to 100 Mhz under medium bandwidth and um to 1000 MHz under high bandwidth.

The forum will submit the report of these identified frequencies to NTA and the authority will recommend its approval with amendments to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The National Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee, chaired by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, will decide over this frequency determination and recommendation for 5G.

A member of the forum informed that although frequency has been identified for the 5G technology, the forum has not made any decision on the price and modality of the frequency.

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