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Ncell launches ‘Ncell Jobshop’, a platform to connect job seekers and employers

KATHMANDU: Ncell customers can now easily look for the employment opportunities available in the local job market or post vacancies as prospective employers. Ncell Axiata Limited has launched a first of its kind service ‘Ncell Jobshop’, providing a platform to connect job seekers and job posters in a single virtual marketplace.

The service has been launched by Ncell as a part of its ongoing campaign #unpause which aims to trigger the thought of moving ahead by reimagining the future amidst the current situation.

Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Commercial Officer of Ncell said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs. The advent of increasingly virtual world seems to have reduced barriers for people to connect and build their networks online.

With the rise of remote working and changing job search trends, Ncell is delighted to offer an innovative service of direct networking platform between job seekers and employers. As the economy slowly recovers, Ncell Jobshop is an opportunity for those who have lost their job in these tougher times for various employment prospects and get connected with employers which will create a great value for both job seekers and employers in a single virtual marketplace.”

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With the pandemic hitting hard every sector and many people losing jobs, Ncell JobShop is expected to work as a bridge to link workers who are seeking job opportunities, and people or businesses who need work force. Both job seekers, primarily blue-collar workers for now, and posters can have access to this service via their mobile phones.

Each time when there is a match between a job seeker and poster; an SMS notification is sent to the both parties notifying them about the match. Any Ncell customer who is a blue-collar worker and is looking for a job can subscribe to this service as a job seeker. Once the customer subscribes to this service by creating their profile as per the job they are looking for, he/she will start getting suitable content posted by job posters as potential match via SMS on daily basis.

Similarly, any Ncell customer as an employer is looking for job seekers for any work can create a profile specifying the scope of work. After that the customer will start getting information via SMS regarding the potential candidates on the requirement posted.

Interested customers can take this service by easily dialing *17137# or via web portal following the instructions thereafter to create a profile under job seeker or job poster. For job posters, it costs Rs. 6.38 per post which once posted will remain valid for 7 days in the platform.

Job seeker based on their requirements can buy 3-day, 7-day, 1 month, 6 month and 12 months pack for keeping their profile up in the portal. Customers can activate the 3-day pack for Rs. 3.83 including applicable of taxes which remains valid for 3 days.

Likewise, customers can subscribe 7-day and 1-month pack at Rs. 8.94 and Rs. 38.31 which remains valid for 7 days and 30 days respectively. For those job seekers who want to keep their validity for a longer period can opt for 6 months and 12 months pack that costs Rs. 153.22 and Rs.229.84.

Under the same campaign #unpause, Ncell earlier had launched an attractive GGO SIM targeting the women segment. The company will continue to bring more products and services for customers under this campaign. Stay tuned

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