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Tatopani checkpoint to remain closed from January 20

KATHMANDU: The Tatopani checkpoint will be closed for 20 days. According to the Tatopani Customs Office, the Chinese side has informed that the checkpoint will be closed from January 20 for 20 days to rebuild the Miteri Bridge on the border.

As per the customs, information has come from the Chinese side that the checkpoint may remain closed for a maximum of 20 days on January 20 for the reconstruction of the bridge damaged by the floods. The Chinese side was repairing a section of the bridge that had been damaged by the previous floods after the recent floods caused further damage.

The Chinese side has informed Nepal that the bridge will be repaired in three weeks at most.

The customs has informed that an initiative is being taken to bring the goods on the road as soon as the checkpoint is closed for the maintenance of the bridge. According to the customs office, goods are currently entering the country through 18 containers per day.

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