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Agro entrepreneurs forms joint struggle committee against allowing FDI in agriculture

KATHMANDU: Agricultural industrialists have announced a struggle committee against the government’s decision to attract foreign investment in the primary production of agriculture.

At a program organized in Ratnanagar, Chitwan, 15 stakeholders related to agricultural production have announced a struggle committee comprising farmers and farmers.

The committee formed under the coordination of Nepal Egg Producers Association President Shivaram KC has Rita Bastakoti, General Secretary of National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, Co-Coordinator, Prahlad Dahal, General Secretary of Nepal Dairy Association, Baburam Adhikari as Treasurer of Central Livestock Cooperative Association and 13 other members.

Although Nepal is self-reliant in some sectors of agriculture, the government has published a notice in the Gazette and amended the schedule of the Act to open FDI in all sectors of agriculture, the committee said.

The Struggle Committee has urged the government to immediately reverse the decision as the government’s policy is to make entrepreneurs laborers and Nepal’s natural resources and the market will come under the control of certain companies.

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