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75 pc of small and cottage industries closed due to pandemic

KATHMANDU: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 75 per cent of small and cottage industries in Nepal have been completely shut down.

According to a study released by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, small and cottage industries have been affected mostly due to the pandemic. The study covers industries producing goods and services including jewelery, paints, beverages, cement, copper and brass utensils, hydropower generation, handicrafts, readymade garments, consulting.

In the sampling study, 17 small and cottage industries, eight small scale industries, four medium scale industries and eight large scale industries had participated. On the basis of percentage, 22 percent large industries, 46 percent small scale industries, 11 percent medium industries and 21 percent small industries participated in the study.

Similarly, 82.35 per cent of the small and cottage industries participating in the study said that production was affected due to COVID-19, 76.47 per cent are facing difficulty in getting raw materials and 88.24 per cent said that they are not getting market for their products.

Similarly, 50 percent of the medium industries participating in the study had problems in obtaining raw materials and 75 percent of the industries had problems in mobilizing workers. Large industries, on the other hand, said that raw material procurement, production of goods and services, labor mobilization and marketing were affected in all sectors.

Most of the industries were at a loss due to Corona and only 16.22 percent of the industries participating in the study were in profit. Of them, 66.67 percent were large scale industries.

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