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Social Security Fund pays around Rs 50 million against claim

KATHMANDU: The contribution-based Social Security Fund has so far paid around Rs 50 million to the beneficiaries based on their claims.

Among the four categories through which the workers are offered financial security, the Fund has made payment worth Rs 47.3 million to altogether 1,435 beneficiaries. Among them, most payments have been made for the medical treatment, health protection and maternity plan, according to the Fund.

The Fund launched in late 2018 has already paid over Rs 20.5 million to 1,226 beneficiaries under the medical treatment, health protection and maternity scheme.

Similarly, 70 beneficiaries have been paid over Rs 1.8 million under the accident and disability scheme. A total of 22 beneficiaries have received over Rs 3.4 million under the dependent family plan and over Rs 10.6 million to 117 beneficiaries, the Fund said.

Till March 24, the Fund has received contribution deposit amounting to over Rs 4.8 billion. There are altogether 194,000 workers enlisted in the Fund. The number of employers stands at 13,616. (RSS)

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