Workers listed in social security fund to get Rs 100,000 for Covid-19 treatment

KATHMANDU: The Social Security Fund (SSF) has made arrangements for those listed in the contribution-based social security fund to bear the medical expenses of up to Rs 100,000 in case the contributor is infected with COVID-19.

For this, the contributor must have contributed to the fund for at least three months.

As per SSF, those who have been admitted to the hospital for treatment will get Rs 100,000 medical expenses (for one year) while those isolating themselves at home can make claims for Rs 25,000.

Kapil Gyawali, executive director of the fund, informed that contributors infected with the coronavirus will also get all the services covered under the fund’s previous scheme. He also informed that the dependent family of the deceased (due to coronavirus) will also get benefits from the fund.

Fiscal Nepal |
Tuesday May 4, 2021, 09:41:32 AM |

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