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Nepali Army rescues 47 Melamchi drinking water project workers, 23 out of contact

KATHMANDU: A total of 47 workers have been rescued after the Melamchi Drinking Water Project camp was swept away by the floods in Helambu of Sindhupalchowk district due to incessant rains.

Seventy workers living in a camp near theMelamchi project in Helmu Gaonpalika-1 Ambathan were trapped in the flood.

Chief District Officer of Sindhupalchowk, Arun Pokharel, informed that 47 workers trapped in the project were rescued from the helicopter of Nepal Army and a private company and kept at Dhulikhel Hospital.

“Helicopters have rescued the workers in 3-4 batches and kept them at Dhulikhel Hospital,” he said.

Tuesday night’s flood have also swept away the workers’ camp. Some workers managed to escape and save their lives, while others are out of contact. As the headworks of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project are under construction, 70 people including Nepali, Chinese and Indian and the project staff were working there. Search and rescue operations are underway for the flood victims.

According to the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee, the Melamchi Drinking Water Project, construction workers and the entire project team is working to rescue the workers of the project.

But as their condition remains unknown, rescue efforts are hampered. According to him, 23 out of 70 people are still out of contact.

He said that the tunnel was safe so far even though the Melamchi Drinking Water Project was damaged by the flood. No damage was reported as the gate of the tunnel was closed after the flood.


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