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Qatar looking to seize on hosting World Cup to make positive impact on human rights and sports

KATHMANDU: The State of Qatar affirmed its aspiration to seize the opportunity to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup as a real investment in promoting mutual understanding, peace, stability and prosperity, and a major driver of positive changes in the field of human rights and sports.

This came in the State of Qatar’s speech delivered by Abdullah Hamad Al-Nuaimi, First Secretary of the Permanent Delegation of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva, during a panel discussion on promoting human rights through sports and sports. Olympic ideal, before the Human Rights Council at its forty-seventh session.

Al-Nuaimi said that “in preparation for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and other major sporting events, the State of Qatar has taken serious human rights measures to ensure basic principles and at work for all workers, including those who participate in sports infrastructure, a step that has won international recognition.” widely, especially from the International Labor Organization and the International Trade Union Confederation.

He noted that sport and human rights reinforce each other, noting that “sport, as a global language, has a great ability to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, especially among young people, by contributing to the promotion of many human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Principles such as solidarity, equality and tolerance at all levels.”

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That experience has proven that organizing the major sporting events in different regions of the world, such as the FIFA World Cup Finals, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and athletics championships, can represent an effective tool that contributes to achieving economic development and promoting awareness. Understanding and consolidating the values ​​of respect and social integration. All people are equal.

The First Secretary of the Permanent Delegation of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva stated that “in recognition of these noble goals, the State of Qatar has taken an interest in sports and organizing major sporting events as part of an integrated strategic vision,” noting that the State of Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup as is known 2022. It is the first major sporting event to be held in the region.

Abdullah Hamad Al-Nuaimi revealed the intention of the State of Qatar to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in any of its next editions, starting from the 2032 edition, after hosting the World Athletics Championships and other major global events and championships.

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