Melamchi project is now uncertain as floods continue to damage its infrastructure

KATHMANDU: The government has expressed uncertainty about resuming the ambitious Melamchi Water Supply Project owing to damages caused by recent floods to the project.

The flood in mid-June had caused a loss worth an estimated Rs 2 billion, continuous  flood this weekend has further damaged the project, as per Water Supply Secretary Pramila Devi Bajracharya.

Addressing a meeting of the Development and Technology Committee in the House of Representatives on Monday, the secretary said the floods completely buried the headworks area of the project. Bajracharya informed experts have warned that the vulnerable geological situation in the upstream area could seriously affect the future of the project.

Meanwhile, the government has also asked the Asian Development Bank, the funding partner of the project, to launch a study on situation of the project.

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Tuesday August 3, 2021, 08:50:10 AM |

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