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FDI in Nepal increased by 8.5 percent to Rs 198.52 billion in 2020-21

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KATHMANDU: Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Nepal increased by 8.5 percent to Rs 198.52 billion as of last fiscal year, as per Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

The FDI Survey Report 2020-21 released by NRB on Thursday showed that the FDI amount increased by 8.5 percent last fiscal year, compared to the previous year. The central bank had surveyed 198 FDI-based companies operating in the country in preparing this report.

Of the total FDI, 54.4 percent is paid-up capital, 33.8 percent is reserve and 11.8 percent is loan accepted by the companies. Currently, Nepal has been mobilizing the capital of multinational companies from 52 countries.

With a stake of Rs 62.45 billion, Indian companies’ investment is the largest among all while China stands at the second position, with an investment of capital worth Rs 30.97 billion.

Of the total FDI, 56 percent is in the industrial sector while 43.9 percent is in the service sector.

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