Sudesh Khaling assumes office as CEO of Everest Bank today

KATHMANDU: Sudesh Khaling, who was earlier appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Everest Bank Limited, has assumed office from today.

The Everest Bank had appointed Nepali citizen Khaling as CEO for the first time in its 25-year journey. Earlier, the bank had been appointing only Indian nationals as the CEO of the bank.

Until now, the bank had been bringing in a chief executive officer from Punjab National Bank of India, which has a 20 percent shareholding.

Not only has Khaling created history by becoming the first Nepalese CEO of Everest Bank, he is also one of the few people to become CEO after operator.

Typically, people who work as bank employees for long periods of time go to the board of directors. However, Khaling will take executive leadership from the board of directors. He completed his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Laxmi Bank.

Citizens Bank International chose him on its board of directors after leaving Lakshmi Bank. Currently managing the citizen, Khaling has been appointed CEO of Everest Bank, making history.

He was with Standard Chartered Bank before becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Khaling Lakshmi Bank, working in the banking sector for more than three decades.

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