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Tourist arrival picks up with resumption of on-arrival visa to foreigners

KATHMANDU: A slight improvement has been seen in tourist arrival in the country in recent days. The positive impact on tourist arrival is due to the new system that the government brought for the foreign tourists amidst the COVID-19 risk.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) said this positive impact is seen in tourist arrival after the government made arrangements for the ‘on-arrival visa’, especially for foreign tourists.

The statistics shared by the Board shows that the foreign tourist arrival has increased nearly by two times in September. Nearly 10 thousand tourists have arrived in September while around 5,000 tourists had arrived in August.

Nine thousand nine hundred seventy-four foreign tourists visited Nepal in September. Six thousand 942 foreign tourists have exited Nepal in that month. This figure includes only the tourists who entered Nepal via air route. Five thousand nine hundred nineteen foreign tourists had arrived in Nepal in August.

The new arrangement made by the government for foreign tourists has had a positive impact on tourist arrivals, which has slightly improved, NTB Director Maniraj Lamichhane said.

“The provision of on-arrival visa for foreign tourists has positive attraction and the tourist arrival has increased. Based on this, the arrival of foreign tourists will likely increase in the coming season,” he added.
Seventy-six thousand nine hundred thirteen foreign tourists have entered Nepal in the last nine months of 2021. This figure is from January to September.

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