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Qatar Efforts in Afghanistan to maintain peace

KATHMANDU: Qatar has facilitated the evacuation of more than 75,000 evacuees from Afghanistan. These have included Afghan students, teachers, activists, lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians and so much more.

Qatar also facilitated the evacuation and repatriation of citizens of from friendly nations, such as the US, Germany, the UK, Norway, Denmark and members of international organizations.

During August, evacuation efforts were carried out by military flights by Qatar, US and other allies. After the re-opening of the airport in September, Qatar resumed evacuation efforts using civilian flights from Kabul to Doha.

Various governments started chartering Qatar Airways flights, with the State of Qatar acting as guarantor
The refugees and evacuees are currently housed in furnished housing units developed for the2022 FIFA World Cup- this will serve as an enduring legacy for generations to come.

All evacuated individuals are provided with proper accommodation, access to daily meals, free quality healthcare and access to all basic amenities like hygiene kits, clothes, etc.

Specialized Medial Assistance (Physical and Mental Health) was provided

Qatar has also provided assistance and ensured accessibility for Afghans with special needs. Medical support and assistance was provided to several cases of mental disabilities.
Medical prescriptions were issued under professional medical supervision. Moreover, other needs such as wheelchairs, and prescription glasses were provided when needed.

Through the US evacuation process, a total number of 208 unaccompanied minors arrived to Qatar without their families. While they were in Qatar, they were provided specialized support from Qatar Charity, QF, Generation Amazing, UNICEF, and various other entities.

Through the help of Qatar Charity, the unaccompanied minors were housed in villas with 24-hour caretakers; Generation Amazing and the Museum of Islamic Arts curated program of activities catered towards the minors, engaging them through sports, methods of artistic expression, in addition to English and math classes. The minors were also given electronic device to ensure their constant communication with their families.

Humanitarian Aid

▪ Qatar’s support in repairing and operating the airport in Kabul have allowed humanitarian assistance from the international community to flow into Afghanistan, including several flights from the World Heath
Organization (WHO) carrying life saving medical supplies for millions of Afghans.

▪ At the request of the interim government in Afghanistan, Qatar sent a technical team to Afghanistan to assist with reopening and operating Kabul’s Hamid Karazai Airport, enabling much needed aid to get into the country.
The team repaired damage sustained at the airport to make it safe for travel, including restoring the runway and equipment, within a period of 9 days.


▪ A number of friendly countries’ embassies in Kabul, such as the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and others, have temporarily relocated to Doha or are in the process of doing so.

▪ On November 12th 2021, Qatar and the US signed an agreement naming Qatar as a “protecting power” formally requesting from the State of Qatar to protect the diplomatic and consular interests of the United States and its citizens in Afghanistan.

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