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Railway Ordinance opens door for operation of Janakpur-Jayanagar rail service

KATHMANDU: Doors have been opened for the operation of Janakpur-Jayanagar rail service with the re-introduction of an ordinance on railway service.

Preparation has been intensified for the same with the issuance of Railway Ordinance, 2078.

Earlier, the ordinance on railway, introduced as per the Article 114 (1) of Nepal Constitution, was nullified when it did not get parliamentary endorsement.
General Manager of Nepal Railway Company, Niranjan Jha shared that avenue has opened up for railway service operation with the introduction of the ordinance on Tuesday following the end of parliament session.

He said that the date for inauguration of the railway operation will be finalized within a couple of days following the issuance of railway ordinance.
He further shared that preparation is underway in a way that Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi will jointly inaugurate the railway service in a joint manner.

As informed, Rs 70 has been determined for ordinary seat and rs 300 for AC seat in the Janakpur-Kurtha-Jayanagar rail.

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