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World’s first space hotel to be fully functional in just three years

KATHMANDU: US-based company Orbital Assembly Corporation is going to open a fully functional space hotel in just three years that will provide out-of-the-world luxury to its customers.

Flagship project

The Voyager-class Space Station is Orbital Assembly Corporation’s flagship project that will open in 2027. It will be offering luxury accommodations and unprecedented opportunities for leisure, research, entertainment, and manufacturing.

First habitable platform

Pioneer-class stations will be the first habitable platforms capable of providing artificial gravity, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for research, tourism, and long-duration spaceflight.

The Pioneer Class of space station marks a fundamental shift away from existing station architectures. Artificial gravity capabilities are now available in the LEO ecosystem.

Gravity Ring

Gravity Ring will be the first, at scale, platform capable of providing artificial gravity. Limited payload opportunities are currently available for qualified parties.

Scheduled to be operational in 2023, Orbital Assembly Corporation will own and operate the low orbit facility. The station host a variety of research payloads.

Voyager Propellant Depots

The Voyager-class of Propellant Depots will offer a revolutionary approach to travel within the solar system.

Low levels of artificial gravity and a significant amount of solar power generation solve many of the problems that have hindered other large-scale on-orbit propellant refueling concepts.

Suites can be rented

At least 12 of these modules have been designated as hotel rooms and suites. Thanks to Voyager Station’s simulated gravity, will offer toilet facilities, showers, and beds that function similarly to guests’ experience on Earth, allowing greater comfort than a zero-gravity stay in space. The 30 sqm suites sleep two people and can be rented for a three-day trip or a month.


Inside the hotel’s Gymnasium and Assembly module, guests will be able to experience what it’s like to play sports like basketball at one-sixth of the earth’s gravity environment, inside a seven-metre-high activity hall. On a lower level will be a gym with treadmills, weights, and views looking out to the stars.

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