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Controversial Finance Minister Janarda Sharma under pressure to resign

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers of the main opposition CPN-UML have demanded the resignation of Finance Minister Janardan Sharma saying that the tax rate had been changed by bringing ‘hired experts’ overnight during the preparation of the budget.

In a meeting of the House of Representatives today, MP Yogesh Bhattarai said that the tax rate was changed by bringing a former clerk to the ministry at midnight and Finance Minister Sharma should resign.

Not only lawmakers of the opposition party but also members of the civil society have demanded the resignation of the Finance Minister after the news that Finance Minister Sharma came to light today that he had taken a former clerk to the Ministry and changed the tax rate at midnight on May 28, the day before the budget was presented to the parliament.

However, Sharma has not presented any clarification on the issue yet. Meanwhile, it has been learned that Maosit Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has suggested Sharma to resign.

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