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“NEA will provide sufficient electricity to Bhairawaha based industries”

KATHMANDU: A 132 KV double circuit transmission line from Yogikuti-Butwal to Menhia, built for reliable and quality power supply, transmission capacity enhancement and technical leakage control, has been inaugurated in Bhairahawa area of ​​Rupandehi.

Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Pampha Bhusal inaugurated the Butwal-Lumbini double circuit transmission line and the Manhiya substation under it, which was built with the investment of the government and the Nepal Electricity Authority.

The infrastructure capable of supplying about 200 MW of electricity has been created in the Bhairahawa region with the construction of transmission lines and substations. Also, there has been improvement in power supply in Bhairahawa area.

In the inaugural program, Minister Bhusal said that he is working with the goal of making a self-reliant economy by selling the surplus power consumed internally in the international market.

“We are working to bring electricity to those places where electricity is not available within two years and to build infrastructure to provide quality and reliable electricity to those places. Simultaneously, Big water projects like Budhi Gandaki will be constructed,” he said.

She said that to replace LPG gas used for cooking, to provide as much electricity to industries as needed, to use electric vehicles for transportation, to increase the productivity of agriculture by using electricity for irrigation and to boost the economy, he said. It is important to be independent. dependent and on the path to prosperity.

Secretary, Ministry of Power, Water Resources and Irrigation, Sushil Chandra Tiwari expressed confidence that the power supply in the region would improve after the construction of transmission lines and substations.

Kul Man Ghising, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority, said that the power supply through the transmission line of Butwal, Bhairahawa area has improved and now it is possible to provide the industries as much power as is required.

He said that earlier there was a problem with the supply of electricity only from Butwal substation, adding that now the area has become a hub of electricity and the distribution system has improved.

Ending load shedding was a task, now work is being done to improve the distribution system and reliable and quality power supply round the clock, expanding and strengthening the infrastructure to provide as much power to the industry as it needs, now The amount of electricity that is consumed internally is being exported every day to the tune of one crore rupees. it is us.”

Thaneshwar Ghimire, President of Siyari Rural Municipality and JP Kandel of Chamber of Commerce said that the power supply of the region has improved after the transmission and operation of substations.

The construction of 18 km Butwal-Lumbini transmission line from Butwal substation to Manhiya substation has been completed and made operational. Project Head Hari Pandey informed that substation 132/33/11 was commissioned at Mainhia and electricity was supplied to that area.

For local power supply, 10 feeders of 33 KV will be removed from Mainhia substation. Out of these 4 feeders are operational. 2 capacitor banks are placed to rectify the power voltage.

57 towers have been constructed with 18 km transmission line. 132 kV transmission line has been laid underground for 2 km in Butwal Bazar area. The preliminary work of the transmission line project was started in the financial year 2070/071. There was some delay in the construction of the project due to diversion of route, COVID-19 pandemic etc. The estimated cost of the project is US$9.5 million.

A 132 kV double circuit transmission line is being constructed from Manhia substation to Uttar Pradesh, India. Construction of a transmission line connecting Mainhia substation with Asatiya (New Nautanuwa) substation in Uttar Pradesh, India is in the final stages. Presently Uttar Pradesh has only 33 kV transmission infrastructure, after the construction of Manhiya-Samptiya, internal power trade between Nepal and India will be eased.

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