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Captain Bijay Lama ‘grounded’ after allowing passenger to cockpit without permission

KATHMANDU: Bijay Lama, the senior pilot of Nepal Airlines, has been dragged into the controversy after giving a video interview allowing unauthorized persons to enter the cockpit while flying the aircraft.

Pilots can conduct photography or videography only with the permission of the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) after explaining the reasons.

As he broke the rule, Pilot Lama has been dragged into the investigation of the regulatory body. Until the investigation report comes, his name has been removed from the flight roster.

Recently, aviation vlogger Sam Chui interviewed pilot Bijay Lama from the cockpit in a vlog of the Dubai-Kathmandu route. The Security Department under NAC informed the authority about this.

Gyanendra Bhul, Information Officer of the CAAN, said that they have started an investigation in this regard. As the investigation continues, the NAC has removed his name from the flight roster.

Entry of unauthorized persons into the cockpit will affect flight safety. Pilot Lama has been accused of flouting flight safety guidelines by giving a video interview in the cockpit while still in the sky.

“He is currently under investigation. Once the report reaches the CAAN Director General, action will be taken according to the decision of the Director General,” said Bhul.

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