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A missed approach by Air India causes the aircraft to “overshoot” at TIA

KATHMANDU: An Air India plane that was headed to Kathmandu from New Delhi, India, overshot. On Saturday, the aircraft overshot the runway just as it was about to touch down at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The Air India plane overshot because of “unstable approaches,” according to airport spokesperson Teknath Sitaula.

“The aircraft overshot because of the erratic approach. Even when an aircraft is approaching at a high altitude, things can go wrong if the “approach profile,” as he put it, does not match.

The overshooting plane makes a turn, according to the airport, and lands again in about 20 minutes.

From the air above Simra, one should approach Kathmandu Airport. At the airport in Kathmandu, international aircraft approach from above Simra.

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