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Ncell to hold concert in Biratnagar

KATHMANDU: On May 27, Ncell Axiata will perform at Biratnagar’s Hatkhola Maidan. The program will feature performances by well-known musicians and artists.

This musical program will be put on by Ncell with the intention of facilitating happiness exchanges between Nepalese brothers and sisters who are currently living abroad and their families, friends, and other family members. The program will begin at 2:00 PM and run through 9:00 PM.

The audience will be entertained by special performances by well-known singers Deepak Bajracharya and Rhythm Band, Ashish Rana (Laure), Shiv Pariyar, The Elements, Asmita Adhikari, Sunil Pandit, and artist Kiki Adhikari.

Additionally, Ncell’s Facebook page will stream live coverage of this concert. As a result, the program will be accessible to all Nepali brothers and sisters living in the nation and abroad in addition to Biratnagar’s citizens.

If you buy an international calling pack, a Sahayatri SIM, or recharge your balance at your local Ncell Center or through the Ncell Shop app of the official seller, you can get free tickets to this concert.

Ncell offers a “Sahayatri SIM” starter pack with enticing bundle services, bonus features, and roaming, with consideration for Nepalis and their family members who intend to move abroad in search of employment.

Similar to this, the business offers a variety of voice packs at reasonable prices so that customers can stay in touch with their families who live abroad.

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