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Yatri officially gets a number plate one year after selling its first bike

KATHMANDU: Yatri Motorcycles is the first made-in-Nepal motorcycle to receive a registration number after a year of bureaucratic hassle.

Given that the Department of Transport Management has never issued a registration number for a motorcycle without an import invoice, this is a historic occasion for Nepal.

The company declares, “We are eternally grateful to our users and everyone who has supported us in this journey so far.”

The business has also expressed gratitude to the Department of Transport Management, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, and everyone else who contributed to the official government recognition of Nepalese-made motorcycles.

The Transport Management Standard Operating Procedure and Directives were modified on April 27 to make it possible to register made-in-Nepal vehicles using a VAT bill and an excise duty clearance form, according to the department.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal had earlier issued a directive to concerned officials to address issues regarding the lack of a provision for registering motor vehicles made in the nation.

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