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Nepse crossed 1900 point mark, hiked by 2.71 pc

KATHMANDU: The NEPSE index increased 51.31 points from the closing of the previous trading day to close today at 1,942.63. Consequently, there has been a gain of 2.71%. Yesterday, the index increased by 8.10 points.

The index started trading today at 1,891 points, which is also the day’s low. However, it closed at 1,942.63 after reaching a high of 1,942.64.

38,796 transactions totaling 271 scrips were made. 6,067,432 shares in all were traded for a total turnover of Rs. 2.2 bn. The turnover of Rs. 1.278 bn on the previous trading day was higher than this one. Since the 26th of February 2023, when the turnover amount was Rs 2.52 bn, this turnover has been at its highest level. .

As a result of declining interest rates and a drop in the CD ratio to 84.74, the lowest level of the year, the NEPSE Index increases significantly. This will increase investors’ confidence in the stock market, which is currently experiencing a bearish run. This could result in the emergence of new investors and additional brokers to support investor growth. As a result, the recent approval of seven new brokerage houses for licenses can be evaluated in the market’s best interest given the context.

The company with the highest turnover was Shivam Cements Limited (SHIVM), which closed at a market price of Rs. 436.50 per share. Trading volume was highest for HIDCLP shares.

All sector indices ended the day in the green, with “Manufacturing And Processing” gaining the most (4.05%) and “Mutual Fund” gaining the least (0.55%).

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