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MoFA stopped the demand for 50,000 workers from Europe

KATHMANDU: While the government is getting ready to send workers through government to government (G2G) to some nations, like Japan, the verification of Nepalese labor demand has been halted in European nations.

Nepalis frequently relocate for employment in places like Cyprus, Romania, Portugal, and Poland, which are regarded as desirable locations. The employees arrived there with individual work permits, according to the department.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is having issues with Nepalese who want to work in Europe. The government recently announced a new budget and promised to look for new labor-source nations.

However, in European nations where Nepalis are currently traveling, the verification process has been suspended.

According to the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, this will simplify things for Nepalis who travel to other countries to find employment. According to representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Nepalis who travel to work in Europe face difficulties when the Foreign Ministry rejects their requests for assistance.

Workers from Nepal are currently prohibited from traveling to Europe’s developed nations. Middlemen are active in taking Rs 1 to 1.5 million to various countries in Europe and sending them abroad, even through India. There is now a system that allows people from Nepal to find work in more than 100 nations.

The verification of Nepalese labor demand from Europe has been halted, according to Rajendra Bhandari, president of the Foreign Employment Professionals Association.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disagreed with the Ministry of Labour’s assessment, he explained, so the verification of the labor demand was halted.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal decided to update the rules when he took over the Ministry of Labour in order to allow online demand verification. There has, however, been no indication of consent.

In order to allow for online demand verification, Dahal had decided to change the rules in March 2023. The Ministry of Labor wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 27 with a request in response to the Prime Minister’s directives.

Approximately 50,000 requests from different European countries exist, according to Bhandari, but they have all been canceled due to international affairs, and it is also difficult to generate new requests.

Without verifying the demand for workers, it is impossible to bring about demand for foreign employment. It should be posted online following verification by the embassy.

The demand is then approved by the foreign employment department, and Manpower dispatches the workers to work abroad.

The foreign minister responds, “I don’t know.”.
Foreign Minister NP Saud stated that he had no information as to why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had long since stopped the verification of the 50,000 demand to work in Europe.

Tej Bahadur Karki, the joint secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the ministry is only considering granting permission after discussions in the embassies of various nations.

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