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Govt grants extension until mid-August for mobile phone registration in MDMS

KATHMANDU: In a move that offers relief to mobile phone users, the Nepalese government has taken the decision to extend the deadline for registering mobile phones within the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) until the middle of August.

This decision, which stems from a directive from the Ministry of Finance, marks an important step in providing citizens with more time to comply with the regulations set forth in the Finance Act of 2080 BS.

The new deadline extension seeks to facilitate a smoother registration process for mobile phones, ensuring that users have ample time to complete this essential requirement.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has been at the forefront of implementing the MDMS, a revolutionary system designed to streamline the management and registration of mobile devices.

The recent announcement from the Ministry of Finance highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring a well-organized and efficient mobile device registration process.

Individuals who have faced challenges in registering their cellular mobile devices within the stipulated timeframe can now breathe a sigh of relief. The extended period for registration presents an opportunity for those who, due to various reasons, were unable to complete their registration within the initial timeframe.

This move is poised to benefit a diverse array of mobile phone users, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in adhering to the registration requirements.

At its core, the government’s decision to implement the Mobile Device Management System aims to create a comprehensive and integrated database of mobile phones entering Nepal.

By encompassing mobile devices brought into the country as gifts or by individuals without paying customs duties, this initiative seeks to ensure a fair and transparent system.

The new extension emphasizes that mobile phones must be registered within this system to enable their operation within the country.

In conclusion, the Nepalese government’s extension of the mobile phone registration deadline to mid-August reflects a proactive approach to catering to the needs of citizens.

This move showcases the government’s responsiveness to challenges faced by mobile phone users and its dedication to establishing an efficient and inclusive system for managing mobile devices.

As the new deadline approaches, mobile phone users are encouraged to take advantage of this extended period to complete their registrations within the MDMS.

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