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Govt cracks down on 13 companies, imposes blacklisting for procurement misconduct

The government has taken action against a total of 13 companies, as revealed by the Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) operating under the Office of the Prime Minister. These companies will now face varying periods of blacklisting. Among them, three companies will endure a three-year ban, two are subject to a two-year suspension, two others will face a one-and-a-half-year prohibition, and seven companies will be banned for one year.

The blacklisted companies will lose their eligibility to participate in any public procurement processes starting from September 5, 2023, the date of the notice’s publication, and this restriction will remain in effect throughout the entire duration of their blacklisting.

Notably, Ganpati Construction Kanchanpur, led by Ganesh Singh Saud and Keshar Bahadur Saud, as well as Fakat Engineering and Infrastructure Mumbai, headed by Pravin Brahmadev Pandey (principal figure) and Subhas Shrestha (official representative), face a three-year blacklisting. Similarly, Joshi Wiz House Pvt Ltd, under the leadership of Binit Joshi, has also received a three-year ban.

Shivalaya Builders Pvt Ltd Makwanpur, led by Nirman Neupane and Roshan Khadka, and Aagya & Company Pvt Ltd Biratnagar, headed by Peshal Acharya, have both been blacklisted for two years.

Chulidanda Construction Service, situated in Swayambhu, Kathmandu, and led by Indra Bahadur Shah Thakuri, will face a one-and-a-half-year ban, as per the PPMO’s announcement today.

Furthermore, Epic Computers Traders Kathmandu, under the leadership of Malin Pant, and Makar Ganesh Construction Pvt Ltd Kathmandu, led by Bijendas Shrestha, along with Baba Infra Project Pvt Ellis Construction and Suppliers Teku, all located in Kathmandu, will be blacklisted for one year.

Putlikath Construction Services Pvt Ltd Dolakha, led by Mohan Bahadur Tamang, and Arabindra Construction Bharatpur Chitwan, headed by Hemraj Basyal, are also among the companies facing a one-year blacklisting.

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