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Govt continues bond issuances, aims to reach Rs 240 bn in domestic debt

KATHMANDU: In an effort to bolster its internal debt for the second time this month, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is poised to release development bonds worth Rs 10 billion on Sunday.

For the fiscal year 2086 BS, the central bank is gearing up to introduce a six-year development bond.

These bonds will be open for purchase by banks, financial institutions, non-bank financial institutions, insurance companies, organized associations, and even individual citizens.

The specific interest rate for the bond will be established through a negotiation process. The bond issuance is slated for September 11, with discussions about the bond continuing until 3 PM on Sunday.

This decision comes after a series of government bond issuances starting from the month of Shrawan (mid-July to mid-August). In August, the government released bonds on August 3 and August 10, each valued at Rs 10 billion. This was followed by another issuance of Rs 5.84 billion on August 17 and Rs 10 billion on August 26. The government’s ultimate aim is to accumulate domestic debt amounting to Rs 240 billion for the current fiscal year.

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