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We plan to procure 10 aircraft in the current Fiscal year: Tourism Minister Kirati

Minister Sudhan Kirati Leads the Charge in Exploring PPP Model for International Airports in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has revealed plans to acquire up to 10 aircraft for Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) in the ongoing fiscal year.

This announcement came during his reception of a memorandum presented by the Nepal Students Union (NSU), the student wing of the ruling Nepali Congress party, at the Minister’s Quarters in Pulchowk.

The NSU urged the government to take measures to curb black-market activities related to air ticket prices during festivals.

Minister Kirati acknowledged the rise in airfares due to increased fuel costs and assured that he would release an official statement after consultations with relevant ministry authorities to counter black-market ticket sales during festive seasons.

He emphasized that the government must take action to curb inflation and expressed that expanding NAC’s aircraft fleet was the most viable solution. Minister Kiranti emphasized that the addition of up to 10 aircraft was crucial to attract tourists to Nepal.

He confirmed that the formal process for procuring the aircraft would commence before Dashain, and additionally, Nepal Airlines would initiate flights from Nepalgunj to remote regions.

Minister Kirati stated, “The significant surge in fuel prices has naturally led to a 35 percent increase in airfares. Furthermore, the imposition of a 13 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) has exacerbated the issue. In response, we are actively pursuing the acquisition of nine to ten additional aircraft this year. Expanding NAC’s fleet is essential not only for attracting tourists but also for controlling airfare prices. The process for acquiring these new aircraft will officially kick off shortly.”

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