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Historic spike in tourist arrivals elevates Nepal’s tourism industry

KATHMANDU:  Nepal’s tourism sector achieved a remarkable milestone in October 2023, as it witnessed an unprecedented surge in tourist arrivals. Data released by the Immigration Department, corroborated by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), reveals that a total of 117,306 tourists explored the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures of Nepal during the month, setting a historic record for the highest number of tourists arriving in a single month.

NTB Director Maniraj Lamichhane acknowledged the significance of this achievement, surpassing the previous record set in October 2019 when 113,000 tourists visited the country. Notably, a contributing factor to the surge in arrivals during this period was the presence of non-resident Nepalis in Nepal, who are classified as tourists upon their visit.

Local tourism entrepreneurs reported that the majority of tourists hailed from neighboring countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, and Sri Lanka. However, a substantial number of non-resident Nepalis, particularly those from the United States and Europe, further contributed to the growing numbers.

The Nepal Tourism Board’s data breakdown for October 2023 reveals a surge in tourist arrivals compared to previous years, with 52,121 tourists in October 2022, 15,715 in 2021, and just 1,831 in 2020.

India led the way with the highest number of tourists in October 2023, with 18,480 arrivals, followed by American tourists at 14,879, and British tourists at 8,217. The data also indicated arrivals from China (6,880), Australia (6,075), Germany (5,916), France (5,271), Bangladesh (4,292), Sri Lanka (2,507), and Italy (267).

For the year 2023, between January and October, Nepal has welcomed an impressive total of 809,678 tourists, as reported by the Nepal Tourism Board, reflecting the resilience and attractiveness of Nepal’s tourism industry.

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