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NTA calls on public vigilance: report unauthorized TikTok use promptly

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) is urging the general public to inform them if they come across individuals or internet and mobile service providers still using the prohibited Chinese app TikTok. The NTA is encouraging people to report cases where internet service providers or mobile networks continue to grant access to TikTok in defiance of the NTA’s directives.

Having previously instructed all internet and mobile service providers to swiftly block TikTok access, the NTA underscored that non-compliance would lead to enforcement measures. Despite these guidelines, there has been an increase in unauthorized TikTok use subsequent to the government’s ban on the app.

The NTA is specifically alarmed by the rising utilization of TikTok through VPNs and DNS servers, urging heightened vigilance in monitoring and reporting such activities. They stress that stringent actions will be taken against those who disregard the TikTok ban.

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