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Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee summons NAC officials for action plan discussion

KATHMANDU: In a recent development, the Foreign Relations and Tourism Committee of the Federal Parliament in Nepal is set to engage in discussions with the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) to formulate a comprehensive action plan aimed at removing Nepal’s air flights from the European Union (EU) blacklist.

During a meeting held at Singha Durbar on Sunday, the committee decided to convene NAC officials on December 21 for detailed discussions on the matter. Committee Chairman Rajkishor Yadav expressed dissatisfaction with the initial briefing provided by NAC officials during the recent committee meeting, prompting the decision to seek further clarification.

The committee’s consensus is that NAC must present a well-defined plan outlining steps to remove Nepal’s airlines from the EU’s blacklist. Rather than placing blame on the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), the committee emphasizes the importance of NAC taking responsibility and submitting an action plan.

Chairman Yadav stated, “We will engage in discussions with the ministry and the CAAN. We will inquire about their activities and their strategic plans. Once they have prepared the plan, we will coordinate with the CAAN and the MoCTCA to determine the course of action. However, it is crucial for NAC to take the initiative and devise a plan.

The tasks that need to be accomplished from their end should be completed. This is the rationale behind raising these concerns, especially in the context of the EU. The Prime Minister has expressed concerns as well, citing the memorandum submitted by the Rastriya Swatantra Party, stating that it places Nepal in an awkward international position. The NAC issue is just one among several others.”

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