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Kathmandu Metropolitan City introduces ample parking alternatives following New Road roadside parking ban

KATHMANDU: In a strategic move to address parking challenges in the bustling New Road area, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has unveiled comprehensive parking alternatives for vehicles, aligning with the recent ban on roadside parking effective January 23.

KMC’s Police Chief, Rajunath Pandey, revealed that they have arranged free parking spaces for 2,200 two-wheelers and 300 four-wheelers, exceeding the typical number of vehicles parked along the New Road roadside.

The Dharahara parking building now accommodates up to 1,500 two-wheelers, easing the parking crunch in the area. Additionally, Kathmandu Tower (former bus park) offers free parking services, catering to 700 two-wheelers and 300 four-wheelers, as shared by Pandey.

Moreover, KMC claims that various commercial buildings in the New Road vicinity have designated parking facilities. Notable structures like Tamrakar Complex, RB Complex, Ranjana Complex, Pashupati Plaza, and Bishal Bazaar provide underground parking options.

On Monday, approximately 900 drivers availed the free parking services at the Dharahara parking building, reported Pandey. Prashant Kharel, a road safety expert at KMC, highlighted that the New Road black-topped road could previously accommodate 1,302 two-wheelers and 30 four-wheelers. The adjacent road connecting Juddha Shalik and Indra Chowk could host 320 two-wheelers and five four-wheelers.

Kharel further outlined parking capacities in other areas, stating that Pyukha allowed for 150 two-wheelers and six four-wheelers, Khichapokhari had space for 150 two-wheelers and 15 four-wheelers, and Bir Hospital Mahabuddha provided parking for 150 two-wheelers.

This move follows KMC’s earlier restrictions on parking in Bagbazar, Putalisadak, Durbarmarg, and Jonche, reinforcing the municipality’s commitment to streamline urban parking and enhance accessibility in key areas.

The initiative addresses the growing demand for structured parking solutions, resonating with current trends and search queries related to urban mobility and convenience.

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