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NAC initiates global tender for leasing two narrow-body aircraft to expand international services

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KATHMANDU: In a strategic move to augment its international flight services, the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has officially opened the doors for international tenders, inviting bids for the leasing of two narrow-body aircraft. The decision to introduce additional aircraft stems from the NAC’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for connectivity and to explore new destinations.

The flag carrier of Nepal currently operates two wide-body aircraft, facilitating flights to prominent international destinations such as Japan, Sydney, and South Korea. However, recognizing the limitations of the existing fleet in handling the escalating flight pressure and expanding its network to diverse global locations, the NAC has opted to lease new aircraft.

In an official statement, the NAC emphasized that the introduction of these new aircraft is pivotal to maintaining optimal flight pressure for routes including New Delhi, Dubai, Doha, Malaysia, and other destinations. The move is expected to enhance the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the national airline.

The anticipated addition of the two narrow-body aircraft is not only seen as a strategic move to meet operational demands but is also projected to bolster the NAC’s revenue streams. This, in turn, aligns with the corporation’s overarching goal of expanding its operations from Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa, signaling a potential growth in air traffic from the western region of Nepal.

The NAC’s decision to seek additional aircraft aligns with the recommendations of various government-formed committees, including the NAC Reforms Recommendation Commission. These committees have consistently underscored the necessity of increasing the airline’s fleet size to support and facilitate its business expansion plans.

Under the visionary leadership of Ubaraj Adhikari, the executive chairman of the NAC, and with the backing of special instructions from Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kiranti, the corporation is poised to execute its 10-year business plan.

This plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for business expansion, focusing on fleet augmentation to meet the growing demands of domestic and international travelers.

As the international tenders process unfolds, the aviation industry eagerly anticipates the successful acquisition of these new aircraft, marking a significant milestone for the Nepal Airlines Corporation in its pursuit of enhanced connectivity and operational excellence.

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