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MoLESS announces ‘Shramadhan Employment Fair’ to enhance job opportunities for Nepali nationals

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) has announced the ‘Shramadhan Employment Fair,’ a province-level event designed to address the multi-dimensional needs of Nepali nationals seeking work and employment through a one-door system.

At a press conference on Tuesday, MoLESS outlined its plans to host the fair, aiming to streamline the connection between job seekers and employers. Minister Dol Prasad Aryal expressed confidence that this initiative would significantly improve access to employment opportunities for Nepali citizens.

“The province-level fairs are just the beginning,” said Minister Aryal. “These events will facilitate easier access for job seekers to connect with potential employers.”

The fair is designed to provide comprehensive information on job seekers, employers, training institutions, and opportunities for foreign employment.

This approach is intended to simplify the process for individuals seeking employment and ensure they have access to all necessary resources in one place.

The ‘Shramadhan Employment Fair’ will be held over two days in each of Nepal’s seven provinces, with events scheduled on different dates between May 30 and June 12. This coordinated effort aims to maximize participation and benefit from diverse regions across the country.

The MoLESS initiative underscores the government’s commitment to addressing employment challenges and creating a more efficient job market for Nepali nationals.

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