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Government announces plans to brand domestic liquor

KATHMANDU: The government has unveiled plans to brand domestic liquor as part of a broader strategy to enhance the quality and marketability of local alcoholic beverages. Presenting the budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun announced that a separate law will be enacted to regulate the production, marketing, and branding of domestic liquor.

This initiative aims to ensure that local liquor producers adhere to standardized quality and branding guidelines, promoting Nepalese liquor both domestically and internationally. The new law will cover various aspects of the liquor industry, including stringent production standards, marketing regulations, and measures to establish a distinct brand identity for Nepalese liquor.

“The government is committed to supporting our local liquor industry by providing a clear regulatory framework,” said Finance Minister Pun. “This will help in elevating the standards and reputation of Nepalese liquor, making it competitive in both domestic and international markets.”

The branding initiative is expected to boost the local economy by increasing the demand for Nepalese liquor, creating jobs, and generating additional revenue for the country.

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