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Ncell ‘Sadhain ON’ promise – collaborates with NAASA Securities to new opportunities exclusively for its customers

KATHMANDU: In collaboration with Ncell, NAASA Securities Company Limited has introduced a new opportunity for customers who invest in shares. Customers using Ncell SIMs can now download the Ncell App and access various NAASA Securities services online without needing to visit any physical locations.

For this initiative, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, Jabbor Kayumov, and Managing Director of NAASA Securities, Madan Paudyal, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Monday. NAASA Securities is a leading stock brokerage firm in Nepal.

According to the MoU, all prepaid and postpaid Ncell customers can avail an exclusive 55% discount on opening and renewal of Demat accounts with NAASA Securities through the Ncell App. Normally, it costs Rs. 100 to open a Demat account for the first time and Rs. 50 to register with Meroshare. With the discount, customers can avail these services at just Rs. 67.50 instead of Rs. 150.

Through the Ncell App, Ncell customers can update their identity details online, open online trading accounts for share transactions, open and renew Demat accounts, renew Meroshare accounts, and more. They can also submit queries and suggestions.

“We want to offer use cases to our customers and drive money circulation and economic activity in the country and help in the vision of Digital Nepal,” said Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell. He said that Ncell is delighted to collaborate with NAASA Securities to contribute to the digitisation of share trading in the country in line with the ‘Sadhain ON’ campaign which focuses on making access to technology and services always available to its customers.

Through the Ncell App, even Nepalis living abroad can open their Demat accounts using Ncell’s unparalleled roaming in over 100 countries and invest in shares locally, putting their remittance income to create a wider economic impact.

Madan Paudel, Chief Executive Officer of NAASA Securities, stated, “NAASA Securities is now on the Ncell App, providing significant value to customers by also offering a 55% discount on new Demat account openings and renewals. This will greatly benefit Ncell SIM users for online share trading.” The Ncell App also offers options to contact NAASA Securities for necessary support, as this service is provided by NAASA Securities and Ncell is just facilitating access via its app.

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