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Communications Minister Sharma vows action on bandwidth management following committee report

KATHMANDU: The committee formed to study the feasibility of a Bandwidth Platform (International Internet Gateway) in Nepal has officially submitted its report to Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma.

During the report submission on Tuesday, Minister Sharma emphasized the importance of managing international bandwidth for Nepal, noting that a comprehensive study was essential due to the absence of such a management system. “Based on the recommendations provided by the committee in the report, we will proceed with the necessary steps to advance the process for immediate actions and to implement the required legislation,” Minister Sharma stated.

The committee, coordinated by Joint Secretary Gaurav Giri, was established by the Ministry to explore the potential and requirements for developing an international internet gateway in Nepal. The report includes various recommendations to improve the sector.

One key recommendation highlighted by the committee is the challenge in creating a competitive environment in the telecommunications sector. This difficulty arises because the same person or institution can hold licenses as both a network service provider and an internet service provider, as per the Telecommunications Act, 2053 and its Regulations, 2054 BS.

The committee’s report provides a roadmap for the government to follow in establishing a robust and competitive international bandwidth management system. The findings are expected to guide future policies and regulations aimed at enhancing Nepal’s internet infrastructure and connectivity.

Minister Sharma expressed her commitment to taking immediate actions based on the report’s recommendations, underscoring the government’s dedication to improving Nepal’s digital infrastructure. This move is seen as a significant step toward ensuring better internet services and fostering a more competitive and efficient telecommunications market in Nepal.

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