Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Fiscal Nepal (fiscalnepal.com) is a digital platform and we guarantee our staffs a healthy and professional work environment. Fiscal Nepal strongly is abided by international and national journalistic principles, ethics and code of conducts and prevailing government laws and policies. We promote democracy and freedom of expression keeping ourselves within the established regulatory frameworks. We also promote editorial freedom/independence, right to freedom of expression and privacy. We do not rely on single source for news report and verify the acquired information with multiple sources before writing news and publishing it. But at times, if necessary, we keep our sources confidential and mention only ‘source’ to preserve our news source. We are very much aware and sensitive on national sovereignty, national security and social harmony in our coverage. We are extremely sensitive while disseminating information to ensure that our news does not assassinate a person’s/individual’s character or defame any institution. Accuracy, Balance and Credibility—the three pillars of news and journalism—will guide every news and reports published by Fiscal Nepal. Also, Fiscal Nepal ensures that no news/stories/articles, once published, will not be removed without consent of the author. However, Fiscal Nepal has the right to edit discourses of the author in line with the Company’s institutional guidelines/house style. Also, information in author’s discourses, which are against democracy, government policies, people’s privacy or defames someone, affects social order and justice or promotes impartiality, will be edited/removed without the consent of the author.