People stranded abroad should be rescued without discrimination: NRNA

KATHMANDU: The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has urged the government to rescue Nepalis stranded abroad without discrimination. In a virtual meeting organized by the Women and Social Affairs Committee under the Federal Parliament today, NRNA Spokesperson DB Chhetri said that the government should not discriminate against anyone during rescue operations.
“The government should manage the repatriation of the workers to Nepal with the same priority that it has accorded other Nepalis who are living abroad,” he said. “The government has not rescued illegal Nepali immigrants, however, they too are citizens of the country.”
Chhetri said that financial calculations should not be made to rescue Nepalis stranded abroad. “The total cost for evacuating Nepalis will be less thanRs one billion, which should be borne by the government. Those who support the country by sending remittances are no less than soldiers fighting at the border,” he added.
Stating that women working as domestic workers abroad are in trouble, Chhetri said that the first priority should be given to them. “Not all women and coronavirus infected people can come contact us due to this adverse situation.”
Chhetri said that they should be given psychological counseling even after returning to Nepal. He also mentioned that everyone returning from abroad should not be mistreated as if they had brought along the coronavirus.

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Thursday August 27, 2020, 04:14:30 PM |

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