DoTM to resume driving license renewal process from Sunday

Smart Driving License

KATHMANDU: After the government decided to relax the prohibitory order that it had imposed in Kathmandu valley, the Department of Transport Management (DoTM)has said it will start the license renewal process from Sunday.

Ram Chandra Poudel, director at DoTM, said they have issued verbal instructions to all the transport offices to start resuming their services, including renewal of driving licenses by following all the necessary health safety protocols.
Earlier, the transport office based in Ekantakuna had issued a notice on Thursday stating that the renewal of driver’s license, which has been postponed for three weeks due to the prohibitory order, will restart from Sunday. However, the office has said other services will be suspended until further notice.

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Meanwhile,DoTM has completed printing all the smart licenses that had been pending since long. As per the department,smart licenses for all the applications that were sent to it from various transport offices till July have been printed. Along with the new licenses DoTM has also printed the smart licenses of applications that were sent for renewal of old licenses.

There has been a problem in the distribution of smart licenses for the last four years due to delay in printing. However, due to the lockdown, the issuance of new licenses has almost stopped and the department has had the time to print the licenses that were in backlog.

The examination for new driving licenses has been halted in all provinces due to the coronavirus pandemic and the renewal process has also slowed. This has considerably reduced the pressure on DoTM to print licenses.
After being massively criticized, the department had earlier bought a mass printer from Italy so that it could speed up the printing of smart licenses.

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