NTA establishes IT lab in 725 schools across country

General view of IT lab

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has completed the work of establishing information technology (IT) laboratories in 725 schools so far.

NTA has selected 1,000 community schools to establish the IT labs in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology among which work to do so has been taken forth in 930 schools. The schools were selected by the education ministry based on the Information Technology Laboratory Establishment and Management Framework 2018.

Aiming at developing information and technology services in community schools, IT labs are being built under the government’s Digital Nepal campaign. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of the schools in rural areas are being used as quarantine centers, thus NTA’s work has been affected. NTA has issued a notice to the contractor companies to complete the IT lab construction work within 45 days after the resumption of schools.

Likewise, the NTA has also informed that an inspection team has been formed to monitor the construction work in the remaining schools. NTA has mentioned that till date 50 percent work progress has been achieved in all the schools. However, due to the pandemic, work has been halted in a few schools as they are being used as quarantine centers.

Moreover, due to the pandemic most of the schools are finding it difficult to arrange human resources for the work. Due to the health safety protocols set by the government, work has been halted a few times to avoid a large number of workers at the site. Yet, the required equipment has already been delivered to all the schools.

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