Nabil Bank introduces novel loan service – ‘Just call’

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KATHMANDU: For the first time in Nepal, Nabil Bank has started a facility whereby customers can avail loans by just calling the bank in the designated phone numbers. The bank will be providing loans of up to Rs 100,000 to all its customers except salaried account holders.

According to the bank, it introduced the unique loan scheme in collaboration with F1 Soft International. With the introduction of this service customers now do not have to visit any branch nor provide any paper work to avail the loan. They just have to submit a letter requesting for the loan via the bank’s Smart Application.

Within a few minutes of the loan request, the customers will receive the requested amount in their account through ‘Virtual Credit Card’. As per a statement issued by the bank, the loan is provided instantly upon the completion of all banking processes from the bank.

However, only Nabil Bank’s customers are able to access this service. Likewise, the loan will be provided only for a short period of time. The bank in the statement has also mentioned that customers making the banking transaction do not have to keep any other security deposit.

The bank’s CEO Anil Keshary Shah said the scheme will be very popular because of its unique specialties. “We are proud to have introduced this type of loan service for the first time in Nepal through the implementation of our smart banking app,” he added.

Nabil Bank at present has been providing its services through 119 branches and 184 ATM outlets across the country.

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