Flight schedule extended for domestic sector

KATHMANDU: The government has increased the flight schedule for the domestic sector starting from Thursday. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had earlier released the first phase of the flight schedule for the domestic sector starting from September 21 till September 30. The authority has now extended the flight quota for the domestic sector to be implemented from Thursday.

As per CAAN, Buddha Air will be operating 25 flights a day from Thursday while prior to this the airline had been permitted 18 flights daily. Similarly, Yeti Airlines will be conducting 18 flights a day from now onwards while prior to this it was allowed to operate only 11 flights a day.

Meanwhile, Shree Airlines, which had been given permission to conduct six flights a day earlier, will now be allowed to operate 12 daily flights.

Similarly, Simrik Air and Saurya Airlines will each operate two flights a day from Thursday while till Wednesday they were allowed one flight each per day. In the rural areas, Summit Air, Tara Air, and Sita Air each can now operate four flights a day while till date they were permitted to operate three flights a day only.

The newly revised schedule will be valid until October 30. After that, the government will again gauge the prevailing situation and make a decision regarding the flight schedule. After the resumption of domestic flights, the airline companies have been operating flights with 90 to 95 per cent seat occupancy.

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