NAC to start online ticket service

KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is preparing to start online ticketing service within the current fiscal year.

The corporation has been criticized for not launching online ticketing in today’s digital era. Since the operation of NAC was relying on a 30-year-old system, it was difficult for the corporation to start online ticketing, said Dim Prasad Poudel, general manager of the corporation.

He informed that now the old system will be replaced gradually.

According to him, the old system could not be replaced at once as the corporation had bought the system by paying advance for 20 years. He said that it will be costly to change the system. So it planned to replace it gradually by the new software in six months.

The corporation informed that the new software will be characterized with multiple new features, including online ticketing, mobile apps, mobile payments etc. The corporation believes that the new software will enable it to provide the service effectively.

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Thursday November 5, 2020, 04:28:54 PM |

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