NTIP achieves 95 percent work progress

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP), an internet based one-stop window for information on import/export and transit through Nepal has achieved 95 percent work progress.

The portal, which was launched last year with an aim to improve transparency in the country’s trade, trading laws and processes by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, is likely to come into operation within a short period of time.

NTIP CEO, Sharad Bikram Rana, said that 95 percent of the construction of the information portal has been completed. He said that a major portion of the information center with all new data and details has already been constructed. He informed that it has also received a report of its security audit.

According to Rana, the portal includes all the information required to conduct trade. It gives information on how domestic products can be traded in the international market and also how foreign goods can be traded in Nepal. He clarified with an example of how the portal enables Canadian apple importers to know all the details including the quality of the apples grown by the farmers in Mustang.

Similarly, the portal allows anyone to know about who imports goods from Nepal and which goods are exported from Nepal to which countries as it comprises all the details of those goods that are imported or exported from/to the countries that have signed trade agreements with Nepal.

The portal also includes profiles with full details of traders, farmers and industries importing and exporting goods from and to any country.

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