NT’s 4G users double in two months

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom’s 4G users have reached 1.6 million nearly after almost two years since the company started expansion of the service across the country.

In fact, NT has almost doubled its 4G subscriber base in two months. As per NTA’s statistics as of mid-September, NT has 1.6 million 4G subscribers. Until mid-July, NT’s 4G users were recorded 843,000.

There are more than 5.516 million 4G users in Nepal so far of which majority of them are Ncell users. Ncell has 3.72 million 4G users and Smart Telecom has 182,000 4G users.

However, NT is ahead in terms of 3G. While NT has 8.42 million 3G users, Ncell has 2.77 million 3G users. In recent years, Ncell has achieved significant success in expanding its 4G service.

NT is spending almost RS 19 billion in expansion of 4G service. As per NTA, 74 percent of internet users in Nepal use mobile data. 25 percent of internet users use services from fixed line while one percent are using wireless internet.

In the last one month, NT and Ncell both have lost their 3G users. Though NT had 8.66 million 3G users till mid-August, it came down to 8.42 million in mid-September.

Similarly, Ncell had 2.88 million 3G users till mid-August which came down to 2.77 million users in mid-September.

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