Internet subscriber base of Subisu up by 77% in one year

KATHMANDU: The internet subscribers of Subisu, one of the leading internet service providers, has increased by a whopping 77 percent in the last one year.

As per the latest Management Information System (MIS) report released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), there are 153,389 internet subscribers of Subisu as of mid-September this year. Subisu had 86,647 internet subscribers till the same period last year.

The company is seen to have highly focused in expansion of fiber-based internet in the recent years. Though there were only 49,321 fiver-based internet subscribers of the company till mid-September last year, such subscribers have reached 115,945 till the mid of September this year.

Similarly, Subisu has 7,663 wireless internet subscribers and 29,781 cable-based internet subscribers till mid-September 2020.

Subisu has second highest internet subscriber base among 40 ISPs in operation in Nepal.

Subisu has attributed the growth in its internet subscriber base to two reasons, completion of its internet project in Province 2 and the surge in internet demand during the lockdown imposed by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The NTA had awarded a project to Subisu to expand internet services across eight districts in Province 2 which Subisu successfully completed last year. NTA had mobilized resources from its Rural Telecommunications Development Fund (RTDF) for the project.

“As we completed internet expansion project in Province 2 districts, thousands of new internet subscribers from these districts were added to our subscriber base. Similarly, we also witnessed 20 percent additional growth of subscribers during the lockdown when internet demand was significantly high,” said Sudhir Parajuli, president of Subisu Cablenet.

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